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Want to be a dad

hello. I haven't done this before so I hope I'm doing it right. I'm 20 and a trans man. I want to have my own child since my partner is a cis-gendered man. I have been on T for 10 months now and I'm worried that this might affect my ability to have a child. I have talked to Thomas Beatie about his pregnancies and he was on T for over 5 years but I know everyone is different. I do plan on getting top surgery this May so I won't be breast feeding, which I know is best, but just not for me. I was wondering what some of you guys or gals thought about when I should think about stoping T if I want to maintain my fertility. I know sooner is better but I really don't want to stop yet. If you have any advice about conceiving and/or  pregnancy, please share it with me, I can use all the info I can get. 
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