Rose (udswinger) wrote in transparents,

I need anyones help, references, and knowledge thanks in advance. ♥

hi my name is Toby, i'm 28yrs old im gender neutral but im more here to ask for advice for a close friend of mine. His name is kristoff and he's an ftm transgendered man. I love him to death and he is in a situation which I am trying everywhere to find information for him. that didnt come out right at all. He has guardian ship of his son *whom the mother basically gave all her rights up to him two or three months ago i think*. anyways now all of a sudden she wants the child back but he wants her to have nothin to do with him what so ever. Even the son doesnt want his mother back "she's scary" soooo he's trying everywhere to find a good lawyer that could help him and since he is trans he feels that a lawyer within the community or an allie would be best. but so far he has been stiffed twice. He lives in manchester new hampshire and is in need of more if anyone could help me help him that would be fabulous. I'm doin this on my own accord I gave him my word I would do whatever I could to help him. I live in delaware I'm six hours from him but I will drive those six hours any day to be up there for him. His trial is in aug so any help or references..knowledge etc would be awesome and I thank you in advance. you can message me here or email me at

I hope that this post is okay for this community it was referred to me via another community cuz my post was off topic. thank you and have a great day.
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