alexanderjax (alexanderjax) wrote in transparents,

Home-birth? Can we?

I just thought of another question I had. Has anyone ever had, know of someone who has, or wants to have a home-birth? Is this even possible being trans, since you might be considered high risk?
If I ever do get pregnant and have a child I would love for it to be at home. I feel the whole hospital thing would be far from enjoyable and cause more stress than is necessary (but obviously good if things go bad.) Anyways, I just was hoping to get your opinions on this idea and to find out if it has ever been done or is doable. Thanks.
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I don't know about home birthing. I really see no reason why. I know women who had home births after having c-sections and that is high risk. But alternatives you can look into are birth centers or having a midwife.
I would want a midwife either way haha. I'm not that confident in myself.
Why would being trans make you high-risk?

Anectdatally, two of the trans guys I know who I can think of off the top of my head planned home births, one transferred to hospital in labour and had a great hospital birth, the other had a great home birth.

I planned a home birth originally, but decided on a hospital birth for a bunch of reasons related to where I lived, how aweseome my local hospital was, and how poor my local homebirth choices were, we have since moved, and next time, I will plan a home birth.
I guess your right, but I can imagine someone in the medical field assuming a person to be high risk since they are trans. It's good to know that people have done it and it went smoothly. Thanks.
go for it. being trans or using assisted reproduction doesn't change your risk status for home birth.
:) thanks I think all of you are right. I just needed some reassurance.
Joining in to point out that being trans doesn't make you high risk. Being on hormones and then going off for pregnancy really doesn't/shouldn't either. I was considered high-risk for the first few weeks, but that was only because I was 28-29 weeks along before I found out, and they treated me as high risk until they were sure I wasn't (no prenatal care till that point, obv).

Also, I was on hormones until that point as well. Doesn't seem to have done my son any harm. I wouldn't recommend it, but anyone who says that being on hormones prior to pregnancy makes it dangerous is full of shit.
haha thanks :)
Being transgender does NOT make you high risk. If your provider tells you so, find a new one. If you let me know where you're located, I can help you find someone. is in CA. There are others.