aedan_james (aedan_james) wrote in transparents,

new online resource coming soon

Hi all,

There is a new resource for trans parents coming soon. The website is currently in the design phase.

Here is our "about us"

The Trans Parenting Forum is an online space for parents, families, foster parents and carers of gender variant, trans and intersex children to meet, ask questions, and share experiences and advice. It is also place where trans people who have or are hoping to have their own families can access resources, make connections and build communities.
The Trans Parenting Forum is an extension of the Barbara Ross Association, a non-profit organisation made up of parents, counsellors, social workers and trans people who recognise that trans parents and the families and carers of gender variant young people are often overlooked by existing support services.
We have a range of resources and information concerning various parenting issues, including advice about what to do when your child comes out, health care/medical transition, name changes, adoption/fostering and information for gender variant children in the school system.
We want to encourage trans parents and the families and carers of gender non-conforming young people to reach out to one another, trade their own resources, share their stories and realise they are not alone.

As i said, the site is currently under construction but until then, please like us on facebook at
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